Jammy keys

My current lack of posting comes down to three things; I have internet issues, I have work to do and I have a Cold.

The last seems self-explanatory; the other two not so much.

Internet issues: Sometimes the Internet and its peoples frighten me. I was just reading a post on NZConservative about how lesbian mayors are ruining morality for the rest of us and it made me want to cause damage to the peoples who `live’ in such a space. I suspect I am in an angry place at the moment and thus easily annoyed by even the most trivial and banal stupidities expressed by people who you think could know better. I suspect a lot of this anger comes from the Cold; bad sleep, bad breathing; bad mood.

Work: I’m a little behind on my work at the moment, although I seem to be catching up again. The current chapter is taking longer to write up than I anticipated, mostly because I keep encountering issues and writing on them when I should really be leaving them for other sections of the thesis. I’m getting stuck on material that I don’t need to be currently stuck on and occasionally that only becomes apparent when you start writing a concluding paragraph and realise you’ve jibbed when you meant to tack.

I also have the presentation to prepare for the Skeptics Conference. I’m a little too used to the material and am constructing a newer version of the presentation that assumes the audience knows less than I usually think they do. Not because I think my audience will be morons but because I don’t want to be accused (as I have been here ((Because I am not on the `Facebook’ (and am not currently enamoured of the idea of joining) I have no recourse, it would seem, other than engaging in the academic version of speaking very slowly and loudly)) of crimes epistemological. It also gives me reason to update a few examples and build new slides.

I like slides.