1. bi -- IJI

    What on earth is this Flat White Magazine, and why are you receiving it? I’d like to know…

    — bi, International Journal of Inactivism

  2. It’s a free periodical that appears in my mailbox on a monthly basis. It’s basically advertising and quackery, with an emphasis on upping the quackery quotient on an issue by issue basis. I very rarely read it but it kind of fell open at the Conspiracy Theory and my eyes were drawn to it.

  3. Mark

    “…maybe the official story will get drowned out.
    Sometimes I think that is the real goal of Climate Change Inactivists…”


  4. llewelly

    They know, implicitly, that they are going to get away with doing nothing.
    I’d like to think I’m wrong, but, then again, it’s also nice to have a Conspiracy Theory I can call my own.

    I do not see how that theory requires any conspiracy. It requires only common interests – it doesn’t require planning in secret, or anything like that.
    It has the weaknesses of being vague and difficult to test – but I don’t think it qualifies as a ‘Conspiracy Theory’

  5. It was a bit of a joking comment. The notion is the old “they’ are out to get us,’ `they’ being those Baby Boomers.

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