Getting Your Game Together

If I were you (and I’m not) I’d be beginning to think that I don’t read much of the blogosophere, given just how few sites I regularly link to. I’m saying this because I’m about to link (again) to the `International Journal of Inactivism,’ where Frankbi has uncovered what I suspect is a Conspiracy (Theory?) in the making:

Well, we all know what “information sharing” means here. But what about “coordinated local activism”? How does it work? Here’s a first guess:

Alice: Hello Mr. Editor, I’m Alice from the newly-formed Friends of Methane group, a member of the International Climate Science Coalition. I read your story that […]

Bob: Good morning, I’m Bob, I heard from the International Climate Science Coalition about the story in your paper that […]

Tom: Dear Editor, I am Tom Harris, Executive Director of the International Climate Science Coalition. I refer to your news article titled […]

Nah, that won’t work well, because the editors will quickly get wind of what’s going on. And besides, if they also know that the ICSC is behind the propagation of the said news story in the first place, then it’ll be pure disaster! Of course, this means that the ICSC will have to hide the fact that it’s behind all the “grassroots activism”…