Police plan to ban 24-hour boozing

[Today’s title is the best ambiguous New Zealand Herald article title of the week. Priceless.]

Hello everyone. Hope you’re all keeping well during this cold snap. A special welcome to the Lyndon LaRouche Youth Movement, who seem to have been visiting this blog over the last few days. Hope everything is in order.

I’ve finally finished my draft of the Testimony chapter and am ignoring it for a few months so I can get some other work done, mostly the first draft of the terminology chapter. Meanwhile, as I take a brief spell to luxiarite in my own glories, the Internet continues to proliferate Conspiracy Theories…

From the Northern Hemisphere: The International Journal of Inactivism (having now become essential reading) points towards the Steve Conspiracy. The material Frankbi points to is currently ‘suspended,’ which just lends itself to Conspiracy Madness.

From the Southern Hemisphere: David Farrar argues the the Labour Party of Aotearoa/New Zealand, the current majority party in the Government, is conspiring against ‘ordinary’ New Zealanders to subvert the Electoral Finance Act and thus stop John Key ascending the throne. It’s an interesting argument and one that’s just a tad controversial. I’d recommend checking out the comments to see Rob Salmond’s reply to Farrar’s assertions. Whilst Salmond’s actions are a little dubious (and remember, I’m no great fan of the Labour Party (but better the devil I know than the John Key no one outside Crosby/Textor does) Farrar makes several of his own assumptions ‘facts’ and infers to a far stronger conclusion than his evidence argues for. It’s not just a Conspiracy Theory, it’s an example ripe for use in a critical thinking class.

Well, I don’t know about you people, but I’ve got work to do. Until next time; trah.


bi -- IJI says:

Argh… my blog has become “essential reading”… now I’m starting to feel stressed… 😐

Anyway, the ‘suspension’ on Martin’s blog is gone. Just a bandwidth issue, it seems. 🙂