CCE (UoA) – Conspiracy Theories: Philosophy and Critical Thinking

Class Number: 77961

When: 6 sessions, Wednesday 23 July – 27 August, 10am – 12pm

Where: Room 218, Level 2, Building No. 810, 1 – 11 Short Street

Fee (GST incl): $117.00 (International Fee (GST incl): $195.80)

Class Limit: 18

Course Description: Some people think that Philosophy is all abstract thinking. However critical thinking is a set of philosophical tools that allow you to make informed and well-reasoned arguments towards particular viewpoints. In this course you will look at the application of philosophy to conspiracy theories, ranging from the authorship of Shakespeare’s plays, to the Da Vinci Code itself and to the North Head tunnels conspiracy. Through the application of critical thinking skills to the content of these theories you will experience first-hand the practical application of philosophy to everyday life.

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