So much to say, so hoping it isn’t paranoia…

So, the terrorism-related charges in New Zealand, eh?

Pretty nasty.

If I were a paranoid man I would be linking these charges with a whole host of other things going on in the background of what we pithily call a ‘democracy.’ Things such as revisions to our existing terrorism legislation, et al. If I were a worldly man I’d recall several of the Conspiracy Theories around the Oklahoma City Bombings, where it was claimed it was the BAFT who orchestrated the bombing (but failed to stop it) to salvage their reputation after the David Koresh ‘incident;’ certainly the police here do need some high profile ‘success’ (qualified or unqualified) to repair their falling reputation.

One of the problems with writing on Conspiracy Theories is that, eventually, something happens to you, or to your friends, that forces you to comment on recent events in a manner akin to a conspiracist. You lose the objectivity and rationality you have carefully cultivated and your quite interesting, erudite study becomes ‘yet another example of the loony left.’

So, for the time being, I’m leaving this issue alone. Friends and family know what I think. Anyway, why focus on the events of yesterday when there’s so much to catch up on?

Answers on a postcard.