Filming Funding Challenge

So, as I think I have mentioned before, I will be teaching a course on Conspiracy Theories later this year. It has been my tradition (as of four weeks ago) to start each session I teach with a comedy sketch culled from my archive of good TV (I also have an archive of bad TV, such is my equanimity) and I’ve been nutting out possibilities for the new course. I’ve found a few pieces that are entirely appropriate but have hit a big wall in my search for the first clip. 

A big, gigantic, ego-shaped wall.

I’ve always fancied myself as a writer and as a writer of pedagogical comedy I’ve had some minor success. Pirate sketches, mystery pastiches and sleazy gameshow hosts… Hilarity ensues when my name is attached to the script. Well, kind of.

Anyway, I have an idea for a short film to start off the new course. The script won’t be much of a challenge as the thing writes itself (think of the denouement of ‘Murder by Death’ and, well, that’s it, just about cabals rather than murderers). No, the challenge is filming it and, probably more importantly, funding it/getting the equipment. I need to see what access to facilities I can get through the University. I’m definitely going to need to do a casting call; the abstract script requires at least seven speaking roles (although, I should point out, most of the script are one word replies to the interrogator).

By all likelihood I won’t make this film; the logistics of it are rather disturbing and I have an awful lot of work to do this year as it is. Still, I’ll script the damn thing and possibly test record it as radio. I like radio. Radio is my hobby. It doesn’t work as well in a classroom because students like to look at things, but it’s a start.


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