Little River Band

I came to music late. The first album I bought was Elastica’s self-titled CD in 1995 and the first album I hunted down was Artificial Joy Club’s ‘Melt’ in 1996.

The key moment in the want to purchase these albums was the TV (let us now shed a tear for the long-gone, fondly-remembered JuiceTV, killed by capitalism and TVNZ (the most unlikely combination)). Now that the Internet is capable of doing everything I decided to go back in time and rewatch these music videos; the trip has been most informative.

One: Artificial Joy Club’s ‘Sick & Beautiful’

She can’t dance. I can’t believe I had sexual fantasies about this woman. She.




Two: Elastica’s ‘Connection’

Why the long faces, girls? I know one of you is having trouble with the band but another of you is having sex with Damon Albarn. You’re the darlings of the British Press and whilst it takes you forever to produce a sub-standard follow-up to your debut album at the moment you are gods. Give us a smile. Just one.

Also, the guy appears to be on drugs.

Moral to the story: Never use time machines.