Quotes to make Lyndon LaRouche Tremble #1

Lyndon LaRouche believes that the conspiracy behind everything is the fight between the Empiricists and the Rationalists. With quotes like these, who can blame him:

‘The elimination of nonsense was exactly what the Vienna Circle had in mind when it set out to finally dispense with metaphysics. In setting epistemology up as the study of empirical facts by means of logic, the goal was to gain strict verification of the objects of knowledge. The Circle’s members did this by redefining the objects of knowledge in terms of sense events and rules of logic. This limited worldview was seen by the Circle as a strength of the program, as they were prepared to answer with certainty any question that could be parsed into terms representing experienced events and logical propositions[.]’
– William Harvey Krieger, ‘Can There Be a Philosophy of Archaeology?’ Lexington Books, Oxford, 2006, p. 6