Doctor Who Season One Redux

So, I’ve finally got around to buying the first season of the new Who on DVD. Thoughts will follow sporadically over the enxt wee while.


Some people have decried ‘Rose’ as being a bit naff. Some have said that the Autons needed a proper story. Every single one of these people doesn’t seem to get it. ‘Rose’ works because we see an adventure of the Doctor through the eyes of a character who isn’t part of his world… yet.

Anyway, the Autons were always a one-trick pony.

The commentary was interesting; very little on the writing of the episode and why certain design choices were made but a lot of discussion about how some of the effects (such as the JFK photo) just didn’t look right.

All in all, a good episode. It was great when I first saw it; less great now but only because it was followed by some even better stories. Still one of the best pilots ever; if I hadn’t been a fan when I watched I would have soon become one.


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