I’m currently reading up on the evilness of Jesuits and found this astounding paragraph:

And thus Vatican II came to pass. Out went almost 2,000 years of Church teaching, in came the errors that were previously condemned by it.They created a “New Mass” that was condemned by previous popes, and changed the ordination and consecration rites, which invalidated them. If a man is going to offer the True Mass, he has to follow the rules of the Church to become ordained and then offer the True Mass according to the rules of the Church.So now rather than having priests who are ordained according to the revealed teachings of the Catholic Church, we have laymen who are not ordained offering a religious service that has been anathematized by the Council of Trent. Not even Benedict XVI was properly consecrated as a Bishop, which is one reason why an increasing number of Catholics question the validity of his Papacy.

Condemed by previous Popes? I thought they had died. The New Mass anathematised by the Council of Trent? That was very forward thinking of them, seeing that the New Mass was instigated some five hundred years after that auspicious meeting.Yea, verily, there be some great stuff to read at Illuminati News.