They Shall Know Me By My Signs

‘They Shall Know Me By My Signs’ was a story I wrote well back in the yonder years of fortunes past. I rediscovered it today whilst searching for my IRD number (I’m a tax-paying citizen again and pround of it… Well, I will be for the five weeks of employment I have). It’s a weird little tale; I like some of the character’s dialogue and might one day try to rewrite it as the plot is interesting (although you can tell that ‘The Name of the Rose’ had a deep effect upon me as a child). I actually wrote a sequel to it set at the turn of the last millennium, which was also a sequel to another story set the year before (at the turn of the false millennium). Not entirely sure as to why I am slinging it up here today; I suspect I feel slightly guilty that the other blog is getting all the attention at the moment.