Reviews of Books Not Yet Written

A token update; I’ve fallen slightly behind on the fiction front due to producing 10k of exciting academic material. I really should have sat down and mapped out where I am sending three of my stories to, but a slight (and by slight I mean rather major) hangover destroyed all drive today. So, instead of a ego-centric ‘Look at me’ update I present you the review of Mr. Iain M. Bank’s as yet unreleased forthcoming book, lifted straight off Amazon.

“In what can only be described as a book. Banks returns to his, by now familiar, trick of using the glyphs known as letters and punctation to describe scenes, events and characters. With words, scentences, paragraphs and even, on occasions, chapters Iain tells what one might call a story. This book should be treated with caution and under no circumstances should the reader attempt to read it out loud without breathing in at least as often as they breath out.”

     Reviewer: MR JOHN F W RICHARDS from Doncaster, S. Yorks United Kingdom


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