The Waiting Place is a Bit Rundown…

There is nothing to say, but people seem to want to know that I’m not just discarding the website idea. So, an update, much against my ethic I might add.
     I am still waiting on replies to two stories and I’ve written at least two more, one of which is being a pain to edit. The second story, at least, seems, well, written for a magazine in Australia, so hopefully I will get that editted in the next week and then play yet another round of the submission game.
     There has also been a fair amount of non-fiction writing going on; some thesis, a paper and a seminar (of which at least one has given rise to a written story idea).
     Behold, work. Hopefully something more instructive will appear here in a few weeks. I’m thinking a little discourse on those ‘Stories I Will Never Write.’