They Like to Pollute the Internet

Whilst some of the fiction ‘zines I send material to like RTFs, most want the work in .doc files. Nasty, big files, these .doc things, full of proprietary standards and hidden commands.
     Why? Because they want my fucking revision history, they want to be able to revoke all the carefully crafted editorial changes I made to meld the piece of crap that is the first draft into the classy fifth revision that only now am I able to let hold of.
     The editors wish to laugh at how I write.
     I’ll show them. Even as we speak I am finding the most despicable, illegal porn the Internet has to offer to paste into blank documents. I’ve turned ‘Track changes’ on. Once I’ve pasted my story, bit by bit, over the top of ‘Bianca, Age Three, Turns Tricks for her He-Mummy’ we’ll see just how well that rictus grin spreads over Mr. Editor’s face.
     They can take my dignity, they can reject my story, but if they’re going to be laughing on the outside I want them screaming on the inside.
     Now I know the true definition of horror.


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